There’s gonna be a party tonight!

As usual I am busy planning my New Year’s menu at the last minute. I have guests coming over in about 4 hours and I’m going to let the crock pot do all the work for me (I know you’re not shocked).
I started by making some crock pot chai spiced candied pecans to have for everyone to be munching on throughout the evening. These are super easy and come together quickly.
The next thing I’ll do is cut up all of my veggies, breads and other dippers for the crock pot hot wing dip (husband requested), crock pot pepperoni pizza dip (kid requested) and the crock pot club sandwich dip (mom requested). All of these crock pot dips can be started out and left on the warm setting for the evening. It works perfectly for that!
Next I’m going to start my crock pot chicken wings. Even though I’ll finish them up in the oven I’m going to return them to the crock pot to stay warm. The guys will be super stoked that I’m doing these and the hot wing dip….. must be a guy thing LOL
For those that want a warm beverage I’ll be offering the crock pot hot buttered rum. This is the perfect drink to serve when you have a crowd of adults and children. I’ll just set the spirits to the side and that way everyone can add their own…. or in the kids case none at all (I’ll be watching those tricky teens) ;o)
Dessert is going to be super decadent. I’ll be making the crock pot chocolate marshmallow fondue and trying my hand at a new fondue recipe too (wish me luck).
I thought I’d let the kids use a crock pot to make some rice crispy treats…. that way I don’t have to worry about anyone getting burnt and the older ones really love helping the little one with this. It basically keeps them occupied.
On top of all the crock pot foods there will be some cold dips, pizzas and jello (don’t ask, weird tradition that was started some time ago) that will be enjoyed by guests.
This menu and the use of my crock pots will allow me to have fun and celebrate with my guests.
Happy New Year’s! Can’t wait to see you in 2012.
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