Pepperoncini Beef for Sandwiches

A while back I posted a recipe for crock pot Italian beef for sandwiches. It called for the use of banana peppers in the recipe, along with a list of other ingredients. Someone had asked if Pepperoncini peppers could be used in their place…… Since it wasn’t my crock pot recipe, I had no idea. So I just tried a version of it to see if they would work. Along the way I changed a few other things and scaled the recipe down a bit so I wouldn’t have a bunch of leftovers (or a lot to throw away if it didn’t turn out so good…. just keeping it real here folks). Luckily, it turned out great.
Here’s how I did it:

  • 1 1/2 pound beef roast
  • 12 ounce jar of pepperoncini peppers
  • 2 cups of chicken broth

Place the beef roast in a 2 – 3 quart crock pot. Remove 6 pepperoncini peppers from the jar and place them on top of the beef roast. Now pour all of the liquid from the pepperoncinis over the beef roast. (You can add all of the pepperoncinis if you want to, but it may cause the finished product to be a little more spicy than young pallets can handle). Pour the chicken broth over top of the beef roast and cover with lid. Cook on low for 5 – 6 hours or on high for 3 – 3 1/2 hours.

After it was done I removed the roast from the crock pot and sliced it. I then placed the slices back into the crock pot why I got my other ingredients ready. 
This did have a little bit of a spicy bite to it, but a great flavor. I think it was perfect for sandwiches though. I simply sliced a loaf of my homemade bread machine bread into Texas toast size slices and buttered and browned them in a skillet. I then added mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato after adding the crock pot pepperoncini beef.  We will definitely be having these again.

  1. It probably wouldn’t hurt to leave the roast in the crock pot longer, but I wanted to be able to slice it. If left longer it would probably shred easily, and I didn’t want that for these sandwiches.
  2. The extra pepperoncinis you can put back into the jar and store in the fridge for later use. Just to be safe I added a little water to the jar so the pepperoncinis wouldn’t dry out. When I used them in a salad later they still tasted fine.
  3. I didn’t see any need for additional seasonings since I was using the juice from the pepperoncinis. If you wanted to you could add salt and pepper. I didn’t miss them though.

This recipe shared at Potluck Sunday & GCC.

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