How To Clean Your Crock Pot, Without Scrubbing

I can’t tell you the times that I’ve cooked something in a crock pot that was starchy and it stuck to the inside of the crock (mainly pastas and cheeses when I forgot to spray with a non stick spray). I’ve always been hesitant about using abrasive scrubbers to clean it with because I don’t want to scratch the crockery. I still have some of those ancient crock pots that don’t have the removable crock, and those are especially hard to clean because you’re not suppose to submerge them. So how do I fix this problem? Like every other cleaning task in my house…. I turned to distilled white vinegar. I simply fill the crock pot with 1/2 cup of the vinegar then add water so that it covers the stuck on food, put the lid onĀ and turn it on high. After it’s cooked on high for a couple of hours I can take a dish cloth and the food that was once stuck is stuck no more. The next time you have a stuck on mess in your crock pot, give it a try….. you’re gonna be amazed at how well it works.