Easy Sloppy Joe’s

 Photo courtesy ConAgra FoodsI don’t know if this crock pot wonder will technically count as a recipe, but I do things like this often to make it easier come supper time.
Since Sloppy Joe’s are one of my families favorites I make sure to make them once a month somewhere in the mix. Today I’m making them in the crock pot because we’re going to be in and out all afternoon and I don’t want to to worry about what we’re doing for supper while we’re trying to enjoy the outdoors on a Sunday afternoon.
Here is how I do it:

  • 1 1/2 lbs ground meat (beef or turkey are both good), that has been browned and all fat drained
  • 1 can of your favorite Sloppy Joe Sauce

Place ingredients (both of them LOL) in a 1 1/2 – 2 quart crock pot and turn on low. Cook for 3 hours or until heated through. Serve on buns. Now you have crock pot sloppy joes!

It’s truly that simple. Since it’s garden season and fresh vegetables are plentiful, I will occasionally chop 1/2 an onion and/ or bell pepper and add it to the mixture. I usually will only use a pound of meat when I do that though.

I also wrap four buns in foil and place them on top of the sloppy joe mix in the crock pot the last 30 minutes of cooking to heat the buns. I usually do this when I’m making any side dishes (opening a bag of chips (o: LOL) or setting the table.

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