Crock Pot Instant Mashed Potatoes

My husband is constantly asking me while I’m cooking “Did you share that?” Or he is saying “Your crock pot people online would love to know this.”
When he started saying those things the other night I have to admit, I was a little resistent to being open to sharing these crock pot instant mashed potatoes.
It wasn’t because I didn’t want to share. It was because I was sure that everyone knew how to do it.
Very politely my husband says “Don’t take anything for granted, and don’t assume.”
When I got to thinking about it I knew he was right. I do this all the time (and by all the time I mean a couple of times a month) and it is a great and easy time saver for completing a meal.

Here is how I do it;

  • Instant mashed potatoes
  • water (amount called for on package)
  • any other ingredients called for on packaging (mine just calls for water)
  • salt and pepper to season

Put the amount of water in the crock pot for the amount of servings your making. I use a 1 1/2 quart party crock that has no settings. You can turn yours to low or high. You’re just wanting the water to heat completely.
Let the water heat up while you run your errands, clean the house, take a nap or whatever it is that you spend your afternoons doing.

Right before serving dinner mix the amount of instant mashed potatoes required by the instructions you’re using with the heated water in the crock pot.
Once mixed thoroughly add your salt and pepper to season the mashed potatoes.

The great thing about this is when you have them all mixed up you can unplug your crock pot and they will stay warm for a bit too.
See… it’s that easy. It really is my go to “NO RECIPE” recipe :o)

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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. How many packages of potatoes can fit into a normal size crock pot, do you think?

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