Apple Crisp I

Normally I would bake an apple crisp in the oven to be ready after we eat dinner. The aroma alone will drive everybody crazy. It’s great to see everyones eyes light up when they hear the serving spoon crack that crispy oatmeal topping just before you add it to the bowl and top it with vanilla ice cream. (Just so you know, my mouth is watering profusely right now)
Now common sense would tell me that if you can make the house smell so good for roughly an hour, that you can do apple crisp in a crock pot and make your house smell so good for all day, right? Right! I’ve never tried doing an apple crisp in the crock pot myself, but as I was searching the web, I came across this interesting variation of it. It includes mixing in dry butterscotch pudding mix. YUMMY!
As soon as I have an empty crock pot, I may have to try this out. If anyone tries it before me, please leave a comment so we know how it turned out. Would be much appreciated.
*NOTE* I would assume with the amount of apples it requires for the recipe that you would use at least a 3 quart crock pot. Also, if you like that crispy topping to be crispy, it is ok (if you have a removable crockery crock pot) to put it in the oven for a few minutes to achieve this–but no higher oven temperature than 350 degrees

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